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This site is dedicated to reviews of Homefix Corporation, serving Baltimore and Fairfax. Homefix is an exterior home improvement company founded in 1990 by Tope Lala and George Dunning. Homefix Corporation is a GAF Master Elite Roofer, offering roofing services, replacement windows, siding, insulation, doors, and gutters to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. The two Homefix offices are located in Baltimore, MD, and Fairfax, VA. The company is not affiliated with any other home improvement companies that go by the name “Homefix”.

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  1. Carrie H.

    I was very pleased with the installation because the installers were very nice and they cleaned my house so well when they were done, you could not tell they were there! HomeFix always comes out and repairs any of their products no matter how long it has been since the installation. Jeremy, my sales representative, was very nice and helpful. He has lots of good ideas to offer us, which is great because I was not sure how to match the colors. They stand by their products and they will fix anything immediately! Even years after the project was completed, they will come out and repair anything that goes wrong with no questions asked. Their quality is great but what is absolutely wonderful is how they stand behind their work. I love HomeFix!

  2. HP

    My wife and I are completely satisfied with our recent Homefix experience. From the informative and low key sales presentation to the timely and professional installation of our new windows everything was better than expected or promised. Even in this current mild weather the windows have proved to be a big improvement; they have even made our house quieter! The sales presentation was quick, painless, and pressure free.

  3. Linda

    They replaced home siding, rain gutters, installed gutter guards, decorative window trim, edging, shutters, provided design advice, created and installed custom window screens. Home Fix was responsive, helpful, all meetings were punctual, offered advice, services above contractual requests and focused on customer satisfaction. Work crew kept areas clean and safe throughout performance and installation. Home Fix rescheduled for our convenience.

  4. Robert S.

    We were amazed by HomeFix’s emphasis, not only on the quality of the product, but on their service as well. Their employees are professional and courteous. They gave us a good deal, and they were timely with the work. I would recommend Homefix to anyone, and will use them in the future.

  5. Deborah C.

    I’ll be honest; I am not an easy customer. I’m the type who looks askance at sales reps and is hyper-critical about anything that costs me money. If there were anything bad to say about a service provider, I would say it. There’s nothing to say here. We called HomeFix because we knew our home was in need of a new roof and were considering new windows. The sales rep came on a Saturday afternoon in order to accommodate our schedule. He was knowledgeable and helped us understand the differences among the options he was presenting. Although clearly his job is “to sell,” he was open to our concerns about budget and never once did I feel that I was being pressured into higher cost options – in fact, just the opposite. We ended up purchasing a new roof and windows. The financing necessary to defray the costs went smoothly, accomplished within a week, if I recall correctly, and the job was scheduled and completed within a month. In the case of both installations, the crew was punctual, efficient, and made sure to show us the completed job. In addition, they cleaned up beautifully; except for the new products, there was no indication that anyone had even been to our home. About a week after the installation of the windows, I noticed a small dent in one screen and a slight crack in the caulking around one window. I called HomeFix and within a week, someone was at my door to fix this. Even though neither “flaw” was structurally significant, the technician took time and care, acknowledging that “you still want it to look perfect.” In addition to this great service, we have already noticed that our house is warmer when the heat is running and cooler when the AC is on – especially on our top floor, which used to be about 10 degrees hotter or colder than the rest of the house. We couldn’t be happier with our HomeFix experience.

  6. LS

    We could not be happier with HomeFix! We are extremely happy with both our windows as well as the insulation. We’re amazed as we’ve already felt the difference in the temperature of our home…just as Chris Bazow said we would. Everyone from HomeFix were pleasant, helpful and the work performed was outstanding, right down to the windows being replaced in a shorter amount of time than originally quoted which is always a bonus in my book.

  7. Liz

    I am extremely happy with the work performed recently by HomeFix on our home. I had four windows replaced – which was desperately needed – and are the most outstanding quality that I’ve ever seen. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful, from the sales rep. Chris, to the people that actually replaced the windows – in shorter amount of time than originally quoted which is always a bonus in my book – as well as Jennifer whom I spoke to several times in their office. I also had my insulation replaced, again, long overdue as I never had it replaced, so more than likely it was the original that was installed when the house was built in 1978. I have already felt the difference with both as my house was warmer in the winter and now cooler with the approach of summer. I would absolutely hire them again! Thanks! (review via Houzz)

  8. Thomas C.

    Homefix Corporation out of Fairfax, VA was contracted to provide a new roofing solution on our house. While they were not the cheapest solution, Homefix was by far the best value in their delivery and solution. They provided highly professional personnel, their home solution advisor was competent in their planning and design aspects of the roof and brought out the necessary specialists to review and eventually install the roof. Our roof has some unique designs that required a unique approach to project and they took the time to explain and make sure we understood all the aspects of the project. At the completion they home solutions advisor came back and completed a walk through with us and made sure we were happy. They worked around our schedules and the seasonal weather conditions and delivered a great product. We are so happy with our new roof and know they are going to be the ones we turn to for future home projects. (review via Yelp)

  9. Joan W.

    When I had the windows installed, everyone on the block was impressed. They really gave me some good compliments about the windows and how they look. The windows are very, very nice. I noticed a change in the temperature in the house. If it’s cold, I don’t feel the draft anymore, and when it’s hot outside, it keeps in the cool. I don’t feel any of the drafts I used to feel. (review via Guild Quality)

  10. Fred H.

    We are the original owners of our house which was built in 1995. I wasn’t thinking much about replacing our roof until some of our neighbors had their roofs replaced. We all had the cheap builder-grade roofs which I remember being rated for about twenty years. The first thing that I noticed was how the new roofs our neighbor had really complimented the overall look of their houses. In contrast, our roof looked very dull and flat. Upon closer inspection, it looked like much of the surface, especially the rough sand-like texture, had worn away over the years. So when a Homefix representative knocked on my door, I was given the opportunity to see what our options would be in replacing our worn roof.

    One of the features that I liked on some of our neighbors’ roofs was a three dimensional effect of shingles in the overlay of the roof pattern. I found out that this was done by using a four tab shingle instead of a three tab shingle. This one single feature adds a tremendous amount of richness and beauty to the house. The other factors we discussed were the quality of the underlying membrane and the insulation rating of the shingles. Since we plan to stay in our house for a number of years, we wanted a durable roof and one that would give our attic better insulation. Having a single zone heating and air conditioning system, we have always had a little bit of a problem with our upstairs master bedroom being a few degrees too warm or too cold since it is the furthest room from our furnace. So I was very pleased to find that we were able to upgrade our home to a much higher insulation factor.

    The installation of our new roof was quick and easy. We have an average size home for our area, so when the Homefix crew arrived in the morning, they were able to remove the old roofing and tar paper, and install the new membrane and shingles within the day. Unlike other roofing companies, they took extra precautions in using tarps attached to our house and over our shrubbery so that the area of our house would be free from debris when they were finished. I was not able to be home the whole day, so when I came back later in the early evening after they were done, my first impression was “wow” what a great looking roof– very much worth the cost. They did a great job and were very professional. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to upgrade their roof to something that will really accent the attractiveness of their home as well as increase the value of their house.

  11. Homeowner

    We are extremely satisfied with Homefix. Not too long ago we had them replace our original windows, however, we experienced an issue with a number of the windows. Homefix immediately addressed the problem and was back out today to preform a second replacement of our windows. Keith was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and made sure we were well taken care of. (review via Homefix Live)

  12. Leo Long

    The company did a fantastic job. I am experienced in remodeling, and in all aspects of roofing.They did a wonderful job putting the roof on, cleaning up, and they put a beautiful skylight in. The last thing they did was put a new front door and new shutters on, and I am completely pleased. It was a great job at a fair price. (Review via Guild Quality)

  13. Sonia & Zine

    We really appreciate [our Homefix sales rep] as a professional businessman. He had a great presentation for the first time we decided to do the job without shopping around. We will recommend him for our family and friends.

    You should be lucky to have a salesperson like him. We really thank him for his time that he spent to explain the product and he did a great job. (Review via Handwritten Letter)

  14. Matthew

    Just got our mansard roof replaced by Homefix. Our experience started out good, went bad, but then was quickly addressed. Long story short, they do excellent work and they will bend over backwards to make sure that you are happy.

    If you want to know the details, we started looking for estimates in March and were very anxious to get it done as we expected our first child by the end of April. When the Homefix salesperson didn’t show up at our initial appointment, I called them and they were very apologetic, explaining that they were training a new receptionist who had forgotten to write down our appointment time. They sent someone right over. He was very personable and laid out all of the information for us and did not pressure us to sign anything on the spot. But they provided the lowest bid AND they promised to get the job done before our due date. He was sure that they would be our highest bid and was pleasantly surprised when we called him back and went with him we had a contract signed the next week. There was a minor hiccup with the contracting price in that the salesperson had used old pricing numbers accidentally (he admitted that he did not regularly do the estimates and had been sent out in an emergency, hence his surprise that we called). We agreed to the higher price (which was still very competitive with our other estimates) in return for a cost break when we would have the rest of the roof replaced in a few years. So far, so good.

    When the crew arrived to replace the roof we were about two weeks out from our due date and I was working from home. The crew set up and did the work and then left without as much as a knock on the door. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that they left shingles hanging in the bushes, stomped on flowers in our front garden and broke a branch off our magnolia tree. Additionally, some of the flashing was a little haphazard-looking and the front roof looked a little wavy in what we were sure was water damage. (It turned out to be a structural abnormality in the beams of the house, but there was never any talk to me about it despite the fact that I was sitting in the house while these guys worked and would have loved the chace to be called out and shown what was causing things.) I called Homefix irate about the situation. They were immediately responsive. They sent the foreman out to hear my complaints and see if there was anything that they could do. Keith, our salesman, also came out and walked the property with me listening to all of my concerns and promising to make it right.

    In the midst of all this our son decided to make his arrival so we had to put everything on hold. Even though Homefix was ready to come over and make the necessary repairs to their work, they held off and let us get accustomed to the new baby before coming by to fix things. Again, I can’t say enough about how excellent the customer service was with Keith. I called, emailed and texted him at various times throughout this process and he was immediately responsive and always focused on making us happy. They set up the repair crew for a time that was convenient for me and they had their foreman there to walk around with me both before and after the work was done to make sure that I was satisfied.

    Our boy is now a month old and the crew has come and gone to fix the work and it looks great. Keith came by to do a final walkthrough and to make sure that we were completely satisfied. They knocked down the price a little to pay for the damaged plants and we now have an excellent, leak-free mansard roof that will last us until our boy is off to college. In spite of the initial experience, I would use Homefix again in a heartbeat to do work on my house. Because I know that if they don’t do it right the first time they will work like demons to get it right in the end. (Review via Yelp

  15. Steve

    I just got my roof replaced by Homefix. A canvasser came to my door and said that work was going to be done up the street the following week. They then scheduled me for a free estimate and they were out the next day like we had set up. They took a few measurements and then presented me with a price quote. After getting a few other estimates, we decided to go with homefix because they gave us the best price and had the friendliest service! (Review via Yelp)

  16. Thomas

    Homefix Corporation out of Fairfax, VA was contracted to provide a new roofing solution on our house. While they were not the cheapest solution, Homefix was by far the BEST VALUE in their delivery and solution.

    They provided highly professional personnel, their home solution advisor was competent in their planning and design aspects of the roof and brought out the necessary specialists to review and eventually install the roof. Our roof has some unique designs that required a unique approach to project and they took the time to explain and make sure we understood all the aspects of the project. At the completion they home solutions advisor came back and completed a walk through (to include walking on the roof with me) and made sure we were happy.

    They worked around our schedules and the seasonal weather conditions and delivered a great product. We are so happy with our new roof and know they are going to be the ones we turn to for future home projects. (Review via Yelp)

  17. Victor

    Just the other day I had Homefix come back out and install a door on the front of my home. What was pleasantly surprising to me was that they were advertising on Yelp with a coupon that I purchased and applied to my project. Once again they were wonderful to work with and completed everything as promised. Actually the install crew even caulked a few areas around my home that they did not have to do. I strongly advise anyone who is looking to get projects done to look them up. (Review via Yelp)

  18. Anya P.

    I had a great experience with HomeFix, and would recommend their products & services in a heartbeat! I was able to secure an appointment with the Marketing Manager, Mr. Jon Wood, in their Fairfax office. Jon was courteous, professional, informative, and genuinely concerned with getting me a good value-to-dollar deal. I particularly appreciated his reservation of hard-sell tactics, which is quite a change from most sales people in this business, who will shove the product down the consumer’s throat at any cost. The window product was presented with great detail and accuracy – no “sales fluff” to inflate the product (nothing will make a consumer more angry than false information). The estimates were very reasonable, and I did not feel as if I had to compromise on the quality of the product! Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience with HomeFix – I recommend these guys to anyone who is considering getting windows with them. Very professional. (Review via Yelp)

  19. Bob D.

    I recently had my windows replaced by Homefix. My home was built in the 1990′s and i havent had any thoughts of replacing my windows until a man in a green vest came up to my door and scheduled me for a free estimate. Usually i say no or “i’m not interested” to these people but i decided to give it a shot. I had the appointment set up for the following week when both of us would be home. The salesman came in a very fancy car and was well dressed and extremely friendly. I at first thought this was some sort of a game because in the past i’ve had people come give me estimates for other things (painting, patio, landscape etc.) but once we started to talk i realized that this is the real deal. They went over the different types of windows and then showed me a few samples and showed me the prices for each type of windows. After about 45 minutes, he handed me the price and i thought that he had forgotten something. The price was much lower than i had thought.

    My wife and i both agreed to the price, signed the contract and we had a work date scheduled for 3 weeks from then. Once the date rolled around, we got a call reminding us that they would be out in the morning to replace the windows. The team showed up and were all sporting Homefix attire and weren’t a part of any 3rd party contractor. Another thing i liked was that they don’t require you to pay until all the work has been completed to make sure that you are happy with the job.

    I am very happy with our new windows and i believe my wife feels the same way.

  20. Carli

    I recently contracted with Homefix to replace 4 windows at the front of our house, and to create a sliding glass door in place of our old dining room window. I worked with Homefix almost a year ago when they replaced our front entry way, which was originally very cheap and ugly.

    The windows look nice, and I am happy with them, but the biggest difference has to be the new sliding glass door in our dining area. We have a decent sized kitchen with a small dining area. We had one window in this dining area, and the installers actually cut the doorway into the wall, and installed a door in it’s place. It really opens up the floorspace and makes the room seem much bigger! (review via Yelp)

  21. Homeowner

    So far I am very happy with my new windows. I’ve been working on this old fixer upper for years and this is the first time I haven’t run into any issues before or during the job. Highly skilled window installer. (Review via GuildQuality)

  22. Samantha Cole Post author

    Work Completed Date:
    August 15, 2011
    Hire Again:
    Approximate Cost:
    Description Of Work:
    Installed a SunPower 4kW PV system along with a 3 panel 75 gallon Schuco Hot Water Heater System
    Member Comments:
    Outstanding job!!! I have referred them and they have subsequently installed systems at my Brother/Sister’s house as well as my Aunt/Uncle.
    I contacted them after a neighbor installed a solar system. They came out to the house and spent s lot of time with me and my wife to explain the system and the capabilities. They also reviewed the solar hot water system, which I had not previously known about.
    They crew was able to install in a day, and was very professional. The hot water system requires a significant amount of plumbing background, which clearly is a strength of this company as well. I was amazed at the knowledge of the team and their ability to explain it to me.
    We really wanted to try and reduce our carbon footprint, and thought this was an easy way, while hopefully saving money on our energy bills. We couldn’t believe the change in our bill, which was immediate!! We pay almost no electricity cost, and the hot water system allows us to limit our gas costs as well. In a home with 5 children (4 girls), we no longer worry about lack of hot water.
    They estimated the power generation of the PV solar system for us, but it has outproduced by 15% or more. I track it monthly and admit, I have become so aware of our energy usage, that it has allowed me to learn ways to cut the energy usage further.
    I would definitely recommend!!!


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